Revamp Strong

Don’t be intimidated by the name. Being strong is something everyone needs to be. Men and women need to be strong to go to work every day to provide for our families.

Strength is important to be able to do the daily tasks that come up in our lives. You must be strong to carry all the groceries in from the car in one trip. You need strength to be able to pick up your kids when they fall. When you have good strength everyday tasks like cutting the grass or shoveling snow become easier.

Most importantly we need to be strong to be able to sustain an active lifestyle late into our lives.  Because our bodies are stronger and they use less energy to do the everyday work that needs to be done in your life.

My programs focus on building functional strength. Training that leaves you full of energy and invigorated to attack your day. Your training should make you better. Not leave you crushed for days on end.

  • Custom training program designed around your goals( fat loss, muscle and strength gains)

  • No fluff, exercises that help you reach your goals.

  • Exercise variety, and scalability.

  • Modifications for imbalances or injuries.

  • Training programs and exercises designed for everyday people.

How it works
  • You fill out my questionnaire
  • We have a video meeting( facetime or skype)
  • We do a movement assessment, either you do it on your own and report back to me or we do it together online.
  • I design a program for you based on all the information you have given me.
  • You follow the program. Tracking your lifts every session and reporting back to me how you’re feeling and how the program is going.
  • We meet bi-weekly to discuss any roadblocks or celebrate your wins( facetime or skype)