Why you should choose REVAMP Strength.

Strength starts in the gym and it carries over to every other facet of your life. Once you build the habits necessary to change your physique you can transfer that strength to other areas of your life. Your career, your relationships, your life goals.

Let me simplify everything for you.

I will build you a customized training and nutrition program that is designed for you. For your abilities, with whatever equipment you have access to. A gym membership is definitely not required. You can get in amazing shape at home with very limited equipment. You just need the right program and the desire to improve yourself.

Everything starts with building the habits of strength training.

What are your goals?

  • Fat Loss.
  • Muscle Gains.
  • Strength Gains.
  • Overall Health and Wellness.
  • Long term healthy eating.
There is always time to improve yourself.

The work you put in reflects the results you get out of the program. You must be consistent and have the desire to change.

We have trained many busy professionals and had excellent results.

We offer complete coaching packages covering all aspects of your well being. From training and nutrition to building a daily routine to help solidify your new habits. We can help you manage your time more efficiently so that you can fit your training and meal prep into your busy schedule.

I want to give you a new approach to being healthy, a real life approach.

I know 95% of the people that come to me will never be a bodybuilder, a high level athlete, or a fitness model. I want to help people be able to run around with their kids when they are in their sixties.

I am striving to create a shift in the way people view health.
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Strength Training

Custom designed Strength training, and fat loss programs.


Nutrition coaching

Customized nutrition coaching to reach any goals.


The Ultimate Package

The total package. The guide to revamping your life.




Absolutely not! The program you get is fully customized to you. All you need is some basic training equipment and a small space in your home. A gym is optimal but definitely not required.

Yes you do. I understand everyone has busy schedules nowadays, I will work to help you fit your training into your busy schedule.

No unsafe exercises. We will work with you to improve all of your weaker points, imbalances or limitations.

That’s what I’m here for. I will step you through everything. Form, tempo, and setup. I will guide you through everything you need to know.

Don’t worry, we want these packages to be affordable so we have created monthly plans to suit all your needs.

“ Jeff teaches healthy easy to follow meal plans as a lifestyle change not just another fad “diet”. He creates workouts that are fast and constantly changing to keep you highly motivated”
- J.M
"I have had the privilege for the past 12 weeks to be working with Jeff from Revamp Strength on my nutrition and fitness. The changes I have gone through are beyond my expectations. I lost 30 lbs total and gained muscle. I loved my workouts. The workouts changed every three weeks and there was such a variety of exercises. I went from having a lot of sugary treats, and all sorts of other junk food to eating clean foods. The best part of all is that my wife is eating healthier as well and my kids are also getting more aware of what they are eating. They are constantly asking if the food we are eating is healthy. Thanks Jeff for the support and keeping me in check with your texts a few times a week and face to face every couple of weeks."
- K.U
"As a father of 4 life is busy. Jeff was able to design a program that could fit my life. By doing so he was able to get me back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Not only for myself but for my family as well. Thanks Jeff"
- R.B
I love the program that Jeff put together for me. He took into account my bad back and knee and developed a workout program that works perfectly for me. He is also not unrealistic when it comes to "cheating" on the nutritional aspect of your work routine. It happens to the best of us and he just encourages you to pick up and keep going. I would highly recommend getting ReVamp to create a amazing workout routine and nutritional plan that will suite your lifestyle and capabilities.
- D.L