The Ultimate Guide To Push-ups

The Push Up The push up is one of the best movements for full body strength building. But it is also one of the most butchered exercises you will see on a daily basis. From military style push ups done chest to ground for really high reps to kneeling pushups done in boot camp style [...]

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Change Your Habits Change Your Life

Change your habits, change your life. I hear from people every day who are struggling with their physical fitness, and nutrition. The story is almost always the same. It goes like this:"I was doing really good, I was going to the gym all the time, and I was eating well. But then I got ________(busy, [...]

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Basil Lemon Bone in Chicken Breasts with Roasted Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts.

This recipe turned out delicious. It started out like most of my dinner adventures do, with me surfing all of my go-to recipe websites for ideas. Rarely though do I ever actually make a recipe the way I find it online. This one was no different. But it turned out phenomenal. The basil and lemon [...]

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3 Big Rocks to Improving your Health

There are many ways to improve your health. Some more important than others. If you are struggling to make changes, shift your focus to changing the things that will make the biggest difference. Rock #1 Drink More Water Our bodies are made up of over 60 % water. Water transports nutrients and oxygen around our [...]

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