Have you tried “12-week transformation programs” and “lose weight fast diet plans” in the past? You probably had some success with them early on but rebounded and gained even more weight back.


This is what the statistics show usually happens when people do these so-called “transformation programs”.


When you really think about it, how does it make sense that it took you 10 or more years to gain a handful of pounds of fat a year, but you can make it all go away and stay away for good in 12 weeks?


It doesn’t make any sense.


You will adapt to eating in a caloric deficit. After around 8-12 weeks of being in a deficit, your body starts to cling to body fat. Your body has to work really hard to burn fat. Your body doesn’t like to work hard all the time. Your body wants to rest and recover but you won’t let it because you aren’t eating enough calories to fuel your activity and stimulate your recovery.


Living in a caloric deficit for long periods of time can cause muscle loss, slowed metabolism, hormone production decrease and more stress is placed on the body than normal.


Keeping body fat is a priority for your body. Body fat helps protect your organs and keep you insulated. To burn actual body fat it takes hard work to force your body to start burning fat.


It is impossible to burn more than 1-3 pounds of body fat in a week. Most of the losses you see on the scale are water,  and waste product loss, not actual body fat.


That is why you should never think of a transformation program as a healthy way to reach your goals.


We are now eating in a caloric deficit and you are not losing weight anymore. You are 8 weeks into your transformation program. What do you do now? Cut calories even more.

You start to burn muscle for fuel instead. Because your body knows that muscle takes more energy to maintain, and if you keep underfeeding your body it will soon fight back at you and decide it has had enough.


Most transformation programs out there will tell you to focus on total calories, not the quality of the food you’re eating or any of the nutrients you need for your body to function properly so your body starts to fight back.


Experiencing a lack of energy, mood swings, your numbers in the gym start to go down, and you start to get really frustrated with yourself. These are all prime examples of your body fighting back from living in a calorie deficit.


So now what do you do?


The only real option you have left is a reverse diet. This is when you have to eat in a caloric surplus for sometimes up to a year, just to rebuild your broken metabolism so you can make your body start burning fat again. For someone whose goal is fat loss, gaining fat is a nightmare, but it needs to be done to repair your metabolism.


Eating in a caloric deficit for too long will wreak havoc on your hormones, mess up your thyroid, and usually thrash your adrenal glands because you resort to stimulants to get you going all the time. Not to mention countless other side effects, that may differ person to person. Women have an especially hard time recovering from long periods of undereating.


Everybody is different. Why would a one-off transformation program be the secret to fixing 10+ years of fat gain?


If you want to lose fat and keep it off forever it takes just as long to burn it off as it did to put it on.


Think on that one for a second.


There is no secret fix or transformation program that will get you where you want without a lot of hard work.


But there are many ways you can lose fat and rebuild your lost body. They all have one thing in common.




What you are putting in your body is what you should be most concerned with, not counting every calorie.


Food quality and eating nutrient dense foods should be number 1 on the list.


If losing body fat is your goal, you definitely need to spend some time in a caloric deficit. This time needs to be limited in order for your metabolism to function properly and burn fat.


My next blog post is going to cover the healthiest way to lose body fat quickly without damaging yourself.


If you are interested in hearing more about long-term health and fitness solutions hit me up anytime.