Are You Ready To Create Lasting Change?

Are you looking to DESTROY body fat, BUILD muscle, and LEARN how to keep yourself in killer shape for the rest of your life?

Then it’s time to take the next step.

At Revamp Strength it is my mission to provide top-notch coaching, accountability, and education to every person I come in contact with. Revamp Strength is a lifestyle-based training and nutrition coaching company. I give you the blueprint to build the physique you’ve always wanted. You learn and master the habits you need to train and eat sustainably for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to be challenged? It doesn’t matter if you have never trained before, or if you have been training for 25 years, Revamp Strength has the coaching that you need.


Jeff Andres

Are you struggling with regaining the body you once had?

Have you been spinning your wheels in the gym, training hard but not really making any improvements?

Are you struggling to find a plan that works for you? For your schedule, your daily stresses, and your time constraints?

It is time to fix all of that. Together.

The time is now to become the most optimized version of yourself possible.


I love the program that Jeff put together for me. He took into account my bad back and knee and developed a workout program that works perfectly for me. He is also not unrealistic when it comes to “cheating” on the nutritional aspect of your work routine. It happens to the best of us and he just encourages you to pick up and keep going. I would highly recommend getting ReVamp to create a amazing workout routine and nutritional plan that will suite your lifestyle and capabilities.

- Dwayne Larson

I’ve been working with Jeff for a year and a half. Jeff is a great motivator. He always challenged me to push my personal boundaries to new heights. He is also very knowledgeable in his field, specifically in regards to proper execution of exercises.

One thing I really appreciate about Jeff is that he uses a very holistic approach to health and fitness, realizing that you can still achieve results while also enjoying things like beers with colleagues or going out for ice cream with my kids. I didn’t have to starve myself or do overly
intensive and time consuming workouts to achieve results.

One major difference I’ve seen in myself as a result of working with Jeff as opposed to the many years I’ve spent exercising on my own is that for the first time I am consistent. And we all know consistency is key! I know this is a direct result of his specific type of training that emphasizes
small lifestyle changes to make the program work long term. He created a program specific for my unique lifestyle where I travel a lot and thus eat out a lot and don’t always have access or a lot of time for the gym.

I have worked out and attempted healthy eating habits for almost 20 years, but it was never consistent and I was never getting the results I wanted. It wasn’t until I worked with Jeff that I have seen real changes in the way I feel, the way I look, and my attitude towards health and
fitness overall.

- Oscar Melo
I recently competed a three month program with Jeff. In those short three months I’ve learned so much. The program he customized for me worked with my busy work schedule. It had a perfect blend offering a strong work/life and fitness balance.

He held me accountable with my meals and training. He was always available to get me through the struggles. He is also available in person or online.

Don’t wait another day. Give him a call now.

I truly appreciate the knowledge you shared with me and the friendship we have built.

I have had the privilege for the past 12 weeks to be working with Jeff from Revamp on nutrition and fitness. The changes I have gone through are beyond my expectations. I lost 30 lbs total and gained muscle. I loved my workouts (for the most part). They were hard and it made me push myself that much harder. The workouts changed every three weeks and there was such a variety of exercises (some of which I hadn’t tried before). As hard as the workouts were, the nutrition for me was what was the most difficult. I went from having a lot of sugary treats, pizza once a week, and all sorts of other junk food to eating clean foods.. It has been so easy to eat clean since then. Even foods that I have hated in the past (salmon, beets) taste awesome to me. But the best part of all is that my wife is eating healthier as well and my kids are also getting more aware of what they are eating. They are constantly asking if the food we are eating is healthy. Thanks Jeff for the support and keeping me in check with your texts a few times a week and face to face as well every couple of weeks.